Group Coaching


Women With Diverse Perspectives 

With a diversity of perspective, women can change the world!

In today’s world, with the renewed momentum of Black Lives Matter and the outbreak of the Coronavirus, conscientious women are frustrated, stressed and feeling stuck.  This stress incites fear and uncertainty into our hearts and the people we care about. In times of uncertainty like these, it’s important for us to develop new strategies to stay cool under pressure and regain a sense of calm and focus, so we can step-up as leaders in our workplace, communities and at home. But what can we do?  We are inundated with too much to do and not enough time to do it. Often with so many competing priorities, it can be easy to lose ourselves and never take the time to identify and focus on what is most important to us.  Overwhelm creates "brain freeze" and can keep us stuck in one place, uncertain of the direction we should take next. So where can we make a difference, get unstuck and gain the sense of forward movement?

ReGroup is a group coaching program that is bringing together diverse women to learn together and from each other. Decades of research show that diverse groups stimulate innovation and cognitive action in ways that homogeneity simply does not. ReGroup uses Brain-Based coaching methodology coupled with the wisdom traditions of Yoga & Mindfulness.  These foundational concepts will provide a framework that will help you gain the calmness and clarity needed to create ambitious goals with the strategies to help you achieve them. No prior yoga experience is necessary.


Engaging in this program will enable participants to:

  • Learn techniques to manage stress, distractions and stay focused

  • Facilitate new thinking by understanding the fundamentals of how the brain works

  • Get clear on what you want to achieve; your purpose, what's possible and your goals

  • Align your daily and weekly actions with the goals you want to achieve

  • Gain greater self-awareness, courage, and confidence

  • Understand how to leverage your time and maximize energy


  • 12-Week Group Coaching event

  • 90-minute group coaching telecalls weekly

  • Individual 20-minute intake session 

  • Each session will begin with simple yoga and breath work to open the mind and body

  • Content will cover techniques for stress management, developing focus, communications, motivation and managing time and energy. 

  • Homework includes reading, watching videos and awareness building exercises around the content.

  • Private Facebook group page for sharing and to build community