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Group Coaching

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Often, we wait until the end of the year to reflect on the past year, and we wonder "where did it go"? Sometimes we regret the decisions we made, or the time lost to indecision and stagnation. We have to be honest and ask ourselves, “Will our actions today lead us to the results we desire tomorrow and for next year?”


This group coaching program uses Brain-Based coaching methodology coupled with the Mindfulness practices.  These concepts will provide a foundation to help you gain awareness of what is keeping you from achieving your goals and gives you the mindset and strategies to move through the stagnation and motivate and inspire you play big.


Engaging in this program will enable participants to:

  • Get clear on what you want to achieve; your purpose, and define your goals

  • Create 1 to 3 goals and develop the strategies needed to get there

  • Align your daily and weekly actions with the goals you want to achieve

  • Gain greater self-awareness and courage to be honest with yourself and others


Each week a new concept will be explored including:

  • Facilitate new thinking by understanding the brain and body connection – if one is stuck it affects the other

  • Gentle Yoga and meditation practices to get grounded and present

  • Techniques to manage stress, distractions and stay focused

  • Learning to listen to your body to inform your mind

  • Purpose and power of mindfulness and meditation

  • Use of symbols to kick-start your joy

  • 3 - Individual 30 minute coaching sessions– first intake session is 1-hour and occurs prior to first group session. 

  • 6 - Weekly 1-hour group coaching meetings.

  • Maximum of eight participants

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