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Introduction to Managing Stress - During Covid-19
Tue, Sep 01
Zoom Webinar
Sep 01, 10:00 AM
Zoom Webinar
Join us on September 1st for a FREE 15-minute introduction to our program ReBoot Your Brain - Managing Stress During Covid 19. You will learn why you are feeling so frazzled and a couple of hacks you can do now to start to control your stress and get refocused!
Managing Stress During Covid-19
Wed, Sep 02
Zoom Webinar
Sep 02, 10:00 AM
Zoom Webinar
Based on contemporary neuroscience, this program teaches how to Reboot™ your brain during challenging or stressful times. Key concepts include: Understanding stress and its impact or your mind and body, a technique to mitigate the effects of stress, behaviors to build your brain to be resilient.


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