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Managing Non-Conscious Bias in the Workplace

Delivery Options:


  • 1 90-minute interactive virtual workshop

  • 2 Part, 50-minute  interactive virtual 

  • 60 minute webinar

Learning Objectives:

  • How bias impacts sound decision making and inclusion of diverse perspectives

  • The different types of bias that can impact individual and team performance

  • Techniques for mitigating bias

Key Benefits:

  • Deepen knowledge about bias in organizations

  • Participate in exercises that expose bias in decision making

  • Understand the impacts of bias on individuals, teams, and organizational performance

Because the human brain is deeply and intrinsically biased, most biases are unconscious to us.  However, they have a dramatic impact on every decision we make and often prevent us from making sound decisions and creating a culture of inclusion.   Leaders recognize the costs of poor decision making to the success of team and organizational missions.  To minimize biased decision-making, it is imperative that leaders learn to identify and minimize bias whenever possible.  ReBuild - Breaking Bias draws on the underlying brain systems behind the biases driving decisions, helping leaders understand the challenges involved with cognitive bias and strategies for minimizing the impact in the workplace.  

When we ARM ourselves against Bias we “….Learn to replace the biased response with one that more closely matches the values that we consciously believe that we hold about ourselves…including empathizing with and even imagining people as the opposite of their stereotypes”.  (Researcher, Dr. Patricia Devine)


Each session integrates the most recent findings in neuroscience that support effective leadership and change management influenced by ancient wisdom traditions.   

Upon completion of the course, participants will walk away with strategies they can implement immediately at the individual, team, and organizational level.

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