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Business & Executive Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

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When you invest in Executives and High Potential Leaders individually they will respond stronger and with greater commitment than you can imagine....

In today’s business climate, senior leaders are expected to be constantly evolving, adding new leadership competencies, polishing their communication skills, understanding the sensitivity of non-conscious bias and keeping current on best practices for effectively leading their teams. We work with your High Potential and Senior Executives to  evaluate their strengths, set goals for improvement, and develop the necessary interpersonal skills to manage and motivate their teams.


Engaging in this program will enable participants to:

  • Facilitate new thinking by understanding the fundamentals of how the brain works.

  • Get clear on their purpose and what they want to achieve,

  • Develop strategies and actions aligned with the goals they want to achieve.


  • Phase 1. Our structure is comprised of in-depth conversations, questionnaires, and  DISC assessments. These discussions and assessments will help us understand the executives strengths, challenges, goals, budget, expectations and other pertinent information.

  • Phase 2. We take what we learn in the Phase 1. and create a custom coaching plan to develop your leaders and fill the gaps in existing training. This set of personalized recommendations may include specific training on topics like stress Management, Understanding Non-Conscious Bias, Time & Energy Management and the Science of building engaged and motivated teams

  • Phase 3.  A 3- month to one year coaching program is agreed to.  One on one sessions are held on a bi-weekly basis with detailed reporting on progress and agreed to commitments to continue to move toward goal achievement

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