Executive Coaching

Do you bring out the best in others and build engaged and motivated teams? Do you manage up as well as you manage down? Are you operating at your full potential as a leader?

Brain-based executive coaching is a way to retrain your brain to focus on things that matter, to quiet the stress and chaos that permeates most work environments and tune into the issues that will move you and your team forward. ​


By repetitive coaching, new neural-connections are formed. These new connections strengthen your focus on productive thoughts and patterns. Utilizing an ICF-based structure along with techniques from contemporary neuroscience, emotional intelligence and wisdom traditions we help our clients define their challenges and create achievable and successful solutions for themselves, their teams and organizations. 

  • Grow as a leader

  • Develop resilience

  • Create clear and inspiring vision

  • Achieve growth objectives

  • Build highly motivated and engaged teams

  • Better manage time and energy

  • Build a culture of innovation and problem solving


Three and Six month engagements are structured for Executive Development, Emerging Leaders and Leaders in Start-Up companies.  One-month coaching engagements are delivered to build the specific competencies listed below.   


1-Month Engagement Includes:

90 Minute training on competency

2 additional 1-hour coaching sessions

Check in calls as needed



3-Month Engagement Includes:

90 Minute in-take session

6 additional coaching sessions

Check-in communications as needed



6-Month Engagement Includes:

90 Minute in-take session

12 additional coaching sessions

Check-in communications as needed.



Coaching can also be added to support the training in each modules:

Build engagement with your team, colleagues and clients.

Coaching your team to create achievable goals and actions and establishing accountability for success.

Build mental muscle and new neural connections  to cultivate insights and creativity.

Develop self-awareness and the ability to regulate emotions and manage stress

Deliver feedback and performance conversations so people hear, understand and take action. 

Use time & energy management techniques that maximize your day and success rate.