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Personal Life Coaching
Get Unstuck!

Mountains and Glaciers

Do you want to move forward and make meaningful changes in your life?


Our clients want to be living and working with a sense of purpose. They want balance, joy and success. They want to be present and take control of their thoughts and emotions. Is this you?

The RHP personal life coaching approach is unique because it combines neuroscience and mindfulness to help you move forward and make the choices that create the fulfilling and purpose driven life you want.


Our nervous system is wired so that when we are stressed we can't think clearly or make our best choices. And today we are living with monumental stresses.  From the most subtle irritation to times when you totally blow a fuse - the reaction starts in the body. Using somatic and mindfulness practices you will become attuned with your body and learn to notice these signals, this awareness allows you the power to change your behaviors. And when we can change our habitual reactions and behaviors, we can change our LIVES


Over the course of several sessions, you will be led through a process to help clarify and align to your purpose. We will also dive deep into the science and practice of the mind/body connection to help you be more present and take control of your thoughts and emotions and begin the journey of creating your best life.

Life Coaching can help you:

  • Define, set, and achieve short and long-term goals

  • Gain clarity on your vision of success

  • Break free from limiting beliefs

  • Build skills  to guide you in times of stress, challenge, and transition

  • Sharpen focus

  • Find purpose and live with intention

  • Get organized and better manage your time

  • Build confidence

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