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My Story and Inspiration

I started working in the field of leadership development over 20 years ago and have participated in hundreds of leadership trainings on topics including communication skills, presentation skills, sales training, design thinking, coaching, time management, stress management, and more.  This story highlights my journey and shares insights on why neuroscience and yoga are pillars of the Rethink Performance system. Theses concepts helped me during an extremely traumatic time, and they are just as useful during times of change and uncertainty that we all deal with every day.  The reality is, even though we may not realize it, when you experience challenges in your personal life or as a result of what is happening in the world today, you bring the effects from this to your work and it impacts your performance.  How you deal with it will be your journey.

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Kathleen Meehan - Founder

 ReThink Performance is at the crossroads of where modern neuroscience meets the ancient wisdom traditions.

In 2001 I was working for management consulting company in NYC and I was living about 3 blocks south of the WTC. On Sept 11th I was standing two blocks from the towers with neighbors.  We were wondering what happened when we heard a roaring engine as the second plane passed low over our heads. When it crashed into the South Tower we froze, now we knew we were under attack. When the first tower fell, we were all engulfed in the smoke and debris, and soon after we were evacuated by boat to NJ.


Several days later I dragged myself back to work, but I was completely disengaged and unmotivated to do anything.  However, when my colleagues were empathetic and shared their stories and my CEO assured me my job was safe to take my time and come back when I was ready - I felt valued and connected. Then my boss asked me to lead a project for some people from Cantor Fitzgerald, an organization that was devastated from the attacks. I became very excited to work on something so meaningful.


As a result of the support I received, I became highly engaged and productive in my work – I organized groups to provide additional services and professional support groups, and I created a new company newsletter to keep our community informed of techniques to manage with empathy in these challenging times. I was completely focused and engaged, and our business flourished.  However, it could have been very different.  It was years later when I studied neuroscience that I realized what had been happening in my brain and why I was so motivated.


Over the course of a very stressful year and still suffering the effects of PTSD I woke up one morning and the hearing in my right ear was gone and replaced by ringing. They call it “severe sudden deafness”.  Basically, a stress related condition.  It was time for me to regroup and focus on healing.


As part of my healing journey, I moved to a yoga ashram to dive deeply into the practice of yoga and meditation and earned my teaching certification.  In addition to learning the exercise component of yoga (Asana), we studied and experienced the full practices of traditional yoga including the mental exercises in focus and self-awareness as well as practices in breathwork, mindfulness and gratitude. 


Back in NY, I began to further develop my knowledge and experience in leadership development practices that were based in Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience. It was then that I realized that many of the foundations of breakthrough performance are rooted in some of the ancient yoga practices that started in the 9th century. Now that we have technology that measures what is going on in the brain, we can observe the results of these practices.  Additionally, I was able to understand why the collegial and social support I received after 911 allowed me to be engaged, motivated and perform at my best.


This is why the ReThink Performance training system integrates modern neuroscience inspired by ancient wisdom traditions for a fully integrated coaching and training experience. If you would like to know how we can work with you and your teams please contact us below.

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