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Delivery Options:


(3)  30- min. webinars 


- 2.5 hour live workshop


Delivered in combination with other modules

Recommended prerequisite: ReBuild & ReFRAME







What do we do when our people get "stuck" or need help finding creative solutions to challenges?


Helping others think clearly, solve problems and develop solutions is an important skill for high performing leaders.  


Through inquisitive conversations that are focused on how others are thinking, a sudden solution to a long-vexing problem, recognition of a new idea, or sudden understanding of a complicated situation can be discovered.  This is called the "Aha" moment and it happens when a new neural connection is being made.  


ReIgnite will teach leaders and managers to develop the skills to encourage a growth mindset with their teams.  They will learn techniques that will allow them to help untap the best thinking in others, and create more "Aha" moments.

See Resources: "How Insight Happens"

Key Concepts Include:

  • Understand the difference between fixed and growth mindsets
  • Learn questioning techniques that expand thinking
  • Think about your words... be clear, concise, and positive
  • Deconstruct  complex challenges through focused listening, observation and distilling key ideas.


"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."  ​
John Quincy Adams


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