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ReNew helps you look at whether you are managing your time and commitments or if your time and commitments are managing you!


In the current climate when people are often working from home and juggling multiple priorities, the ability to effectively manage time and energy is critical. ReNew leverages a brain- based approach to time management and ancient traditions and will drastically improve focus, problem solving and maximize productivity.


ReNew looks at the fundamental organizing principle of the brain and explains why we get overwhelmed and disorganized and what we need to do to get focused and productive.


ReNew will address the internal needs we all have to ReNew and refocus in order to stay highly productive. It offers new perspectives on how to best plan your week and your day for to create more healthy and productive lives.



Delivery Options:


  • 90-minute interactive virtual workshop

  • 2 Part,  45-minute interactive virtual workshops

  • 60 - minute webinar



Key Concepts Include:

  • Developing techniques to focus and manage distractions

  • Brain-based approach to planning your day 

  • Understanding Circadian and Ultradian rhythms

  • The importance of renewal and rewarding yourself

  • Boost energy and focus when you need to be "on"

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