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It is a big challenge to transform good leaders into great leaders.  One of the best ways to do this is to provide your leaders with the essential skills of a proven brain-based coaching methodology. 


MAC is for executives, managers or anyone leading work groups. In this program we simplify the most relevant ideas from contemporary neuroscience to content and models that can be used everyday.


These foundational models provides the methodology and practice to have coaching conversations, facilitate innovative thinking and problem solving and establish accountability with others.


Each session includes:

  • 1 Live training day or 

  • 4 Virtual programs

  • Support pages for home practice

  • (2) 60 - minute group coaching (live only)


These sessions combined with group coaching will build the muscle to attain high performance

  • Define management coaching - differentiating the coaching mindset from the supervisory mindset.

  • Improve self-awareness, mindfulness and awareness of others.

  • Apply focused listening and questioning skills necessary to facilitate the coaching dialogue


Module #3  Facilitate new thinking and problem solving


Manager As Coach

Translating neuroscience into practical leadership behaviors


Module  #4  Brain-based coaching  skills 
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