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Stress Management Program | ReBoot - Manage Stress

Manage Stress and Support Mental Health and well-being in the Workplace 

In this Stress Management Program, you will identify things that trigger you and situations where you would like to respond with more control. Our approach is based on contemporary neuroscience and integrates concepts from ancient yoga traditions.  This integrated process helps build self-awareness and teaches techniques to control how your brain and body respond when these situations arise.

Utilizing a 3 - part practice, we create new habits to manage our "knee jerk" reactions.  This process will help you to ReBoot your brain when feeling angry, stressed and overwhelmed.

As a result you will have a more positive impact with employees, colleagues, at home and in the community.  Managing your own response to negativity and stress is the first step in allowing you to increase motivation, innovation, and collaboration with others.

Delivery Options:


  • 90-minute interactive virtual workshop 

  • 2 Part, 45 minutes each virtual workshop

  • 60-Minute Webinar

Key concepts include:
• Understand the conscious and non-conscious brain processes and learn how they influence yours and others behavior.
• Identify your triggers and the impact this has on your performance.
• Utilize breath and a mindfulness practice to calm your mind 

• Identify and apply these skills to manage specific areas of your life more effectively.

"Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing."​

Albert Schweitzer

Delivery Options:


  • 4-Part online learning 

  • 2- 1 hour interactive virtual program

  • 90-Minute Webinar

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