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ReBoot® is a program that helps leaders to rewire their brains responses to stress by creating new, healthier habits and techniques to manage under pressure. Identifying triggers is the first step, and then understanding if we need to “dial it up” or “dial it down”.


Utilizing a  reappraisal process is super useful in situations when we are “on” and need to “perform” at our best. For instance:  


Story #1. You have a big presentation coming up, you have butterflies in your stomach, your heart is beating a little faster, YOU ARE EXCITED about what a POSITIVE outcome could mean. 


Story #2. You have a big presentation coming up, you have butterflies in your stomach, your heart is beating a little faster, YOU ARE EXTREMELY NERVOUS about what a NEGATIVE outcome could mean. 


Nervousness and excitement are both high arousal emotions and illicit the same physiological response. However,  according to *Alison Wood Brooks from Harvard University, individuals who reappraise their anxious arousal as excitement feel more excited and perform better. 

Other stressful situations may require different approach. For example, you are about to let go of some people on your team due to a downsizing... Not necessarily something you want to reframe as “excited”. In this case we want to dim down the brains limbic response and communicate from a place of calmness and empathy.


The ReBoot program combines contemporary neuroscience and ancient yoga traditions to provide a holistic approach to building resiliency and helps you to understand when to “dial it up” or “dial it down”. It involves a combination of cognitive reframing, growth mindset and mindfulness techniques, to address stress and negativity. 


This training will help empower individuals with the tools needed to handle challenging situations more effectively, leading to improved well-being, better relationships, and increased productivity and more engaged teams.

Delivery Options:


  • 90-minute interactive virtual workshop 

  • 2 Part, 45 minutes each virtual workshop

  • 60-Minute Webinar

Key concepts include:

• Identify when to "dial it up" or "dial it down"

• Understand the conscious and non-conscious brain processes and learn how they influence yours and others behavior.
• Identify your triggers and the impact this has on your performance.
• Utilize breath and a mindfulness practice to calm your mind 

• Identify and apply these skills to manage specific areas of your life more effectively.

"Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing."​

Albert Schweitzer

*“Get excited: Reappraising pre-performance anxiety as excitement,” which appeared in the June 2014 edition of The Journal of Experimental Psychology. You can find the complete paper here.

Delivery Options:


  • 4-Part online learning 

  • 2- 1 hour interactive virtual program

  • 90-Minute Webinar

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