Delivery Options:


(3) 30- minute webinars 


- 2.5 hour live workshop

- Included in Executive Coaching


Can be delivered alone or best in combination with ReFRAME and as pre-training to other modules.



The objective of ReBoot is to help you keep it together during difficult times and in challenging relationships. 

In this program you will identify situations in your life that trigger you and that you would like to manage better. The ReBoot approach is based on contemporary neuroscience and builds self-awareness and techniques to control how your brain and body respond when these situations arise.

Utilizing a 3 - part practice of 1) self awareness 2) labeling and 3) a tool to shift thinking - we create a method to actively manage stress and our "knee jerk" reactions to perceived threats.  When linked to your stress triggers, this process can successfully help to ReBoot your ability to think clearly when feeling angry, stressed and overwhelmed.

The techniques will help you connect more deeply and have a more positive impact with employees, colleagues, at home and in the community.  Managing your own response to negativity and stress is the first step in allowing you to increase motivation, innovation, and collaboration with others.

Key concepts include:
• Review brain basics and conscious vs. non-conscious processes and learn how they influence yours and others behavior.
• Identify your triggers and the impact this has on your performance.
• Through a mindfulness practice, create a powerful symbol to interrupt your automatic non-conscious reactions and allow
you to respond with self-control and stay cool under pressure.
• Understand the discipline of clearing your mind in order to tap into your ability to innovate and solve problems.
• Identify and apply these skills to manage specific areas of your life more effectively.

Based on contemporary neuroscience, ReBoot teaches a powerful
technique for self-control, empowerment and to stay calm under pressure.



"Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing."​

Albert Schweitzer


Human Performance

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