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ReFrame Group Coaching program is the perfect choice for anyone looking to make their relationships happy, engaging and productive. This program help individuals improve their relationships with partners, family, employees and colleagues. With the help of our coaches, you can learn the necessary skills to develop strong, meaningful relationships with all the important people in your life.

Utilizing evidence-based Neurosciencresearch we will explore specific communication styles that trigger others and can create a reactive responses.  When we non-consciously trigger others its not possible for them to be collaborative, think clearly, or engage in productive healthy dialog. 


You will be introduced to the ReFRAME™ model that will help you interact with your colleagues, friends and family in a way that offsets threat and creates a sense of safety and belonging. Throughout these 6 weeks you will learn and practice techniques to help you have productive, healthy dialog and create engagement and a sense of safety and collaboration.

ReFrame Group Coaching


  • 1 - 30 minute personal intake session

  • 6 - 90-minute interactive virtual group coaching sessions 

  • 3-part partner support meetings

Key Concepts Include:

  • Learn a deeper understanding of the brain and how your communication style can impact others

  • Enhance your awareness of what triggers shut down and create adverse reactions in others.

  • Understanding the brain science that keeps people in a more “toward” state for productive and engaging communications

  • Practice techniques to improve important communications and messages for important people in your life


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